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  1. CBS SportsLine - Baseball
  2. Comics and Cartoons
  3. Cyber Arcade! - Free and not so free games online
  4. Happy Puppy Games
  5. JAMES KIRK Search Engine - Yes, Star Trek has its own search engine
  6. STAR TREK: CONTINUUM - Official Star Trek Site. Limited access for non MSN members
  7. Magnolia Mall Entertainment Page.
  8. Cyberslice - Free Online Pizza Ordering Service
  9. The Mall for Kids - Lots of fun stuff and kids stuff
  10. Late Show with David Letterman  -  Send Dave mail - lateshow@www.cbs.com.
  11. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno -  Send Jay mail tonightshow@nbc.com
  12. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  13. Ultimate TV - Your ultimate source for what's on the tube
  14. Pepsi World -